10 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins (2023)

Best WordPress Plugin for Amazon Affiliate

Amazon lets you place affiliate links on your site in a variety of ways.

However, as your blog grows, managing and tracking affiliate links can get overwhelming.

A dedicated Amazon affiliate plugin can make things a lot more manageable and effective.

There are a lot of plugins to choose from though, some convert well, whereas some perform poorly.

We have listed the 10 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins that have significantly boosted our revenue and conversion rates on our own affiliate sites.

Let’s dive in.

Best WordPress Plugin for Amazon Affiliate


aawp wp plugin

AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin) is a leader in the Amazon affiliate plugin market.

Thankfully, it’s the only plugin you need to manage and track your affiliate links painlessly and effectively.

The cool thing is it lets you use affiliate links in a variety of ways on your site.

These include:

  • Hypertext links with the content
  • Boxes that can have multiple products with different details such as prices, descriptions, titles, discounts, and more
  • Data fields that let you include information through the API

Plus, with AAWP, you can customize the appearance of all display elements.

Importantly, they’re all mobile-friendly (And compatible with Google Accelerated Mobile Pages).

The best thing is it updates your links automatically when the product page changes on Amazon.


  • Displays affiliate links in a variety of formats
  • You can create your own templates, or use the pre-made ones
  • Automatic updates (Keeping the pricing information accurate)


  • A steep learning curve
  • No WooCommerce Integration

2. ThirstyAffiliates

thirsty affiliates plugin

ThirstyAffiliates is best for link cloaking.

Its free version lets you cloak your affiliate URLs with your domain and a customized slug.

This makes your links appear more credible to the readers.

Plus, the plugin keeps you in compliance with Amazon Associates’ terms by un-cloaking specific links.

You can even manually insert a link by directly accessing the Amazon catalog from within the WordPress dashboard.

On the premium subscription, you get:

  • Comprehensive reporting of stats
  • Auto-linking
  • Google Analytics integration


  • Offers direct linking to Amazon products from within the WordPress dashboard
  • Tracks performance metrics
  • Links keywords automatically (Premium feature)


  • No automatic update
  • No WooCommerce integration

3. AzonPress

azon press plugin

AzonPress is ideal for customizing the layouts of your affiliate links and products.

It’s somewhat similar to AAWP and lets you insert your links in the form of:

  • Text
  • Customizable boxes
  • Comparison tables

Moreover, the reporting dashboard of AzonPress lets you analyze your link performance and earnings.

Plus, it’s cheaper than AAWP and has a lifetime deal of $149.


  • Customizable layouts
  • Automatic product updates
  • Reporting


  • No WooCommerce integration
  • Limited layout options

4. Pretty Links

pretty links

Pretty Links is a freemium plugin perfect for cloaking and redirecting affiliate links.

It replaces your affiliate links with your domain name and redirects them.

Moreover, you can also customize your URL slug and make your links appear “Pretty”.  

For instance: www.yourwebsitename.com/productname

Plus, you get to track the number of clicks on your affiliate links.

The best thing? All those features are free.

The premium subscription of the plugin includes:

  • More redirect types
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Link categorization
  • Automatic affiliate link building


  • Affiliate link cloaking
  • Link tracking
  • Attractive free features


  • No affiliate link displays
  • No WooCommerce integration

5. AffiliateX


With AffiliateX, you can create complete affiliate marketing web pages.

It’s a lightweight plugin and won’t slow your site down.

Amazingly, the free version of the plugin lets you:

  • Display pros and cons
  • Compare product specifications
  • Promote products with CTAs
  • And, more

You can add more blocks to your arsenal by purchasing its premium version.

These include:

  • Recommended products
  • Coupon grids
  • Two-product comparisons
  • Product image


  • Highly customizable blocks
  • Fast and light
  • The free version of the plugin offers great features


  • No WooCommerce integration

6. AdSanity


AdSanity is a lightweight plugin built by developers for developers.

It simplifies ad management and lets you manage and track affiliate links.

And although the core features of the plugin are enough, you can extend its functionality by adding add-ons such as Google Analytics integration.


  • Beginner friendly
  • Extendable functionality with add-ons


  • Primarily designed for ads
  • Can get expensive (with add-ons)

7. WZone


WZone is perfect for WordPress e-commerce store owners.

It lets you include Amazon affiliate links in any website that’s powered by WooCommerce.

What this plugin does is that it presents your Amazon affiliate products as WooCommerce products.

So essentially, a user sees an e-commerce site, and when they click on a product link, they are taken to Amazon.

It’s a great way to list affiliate products in bulk and generate more sales.

WZone also comes with a free version, but it’s limited in terms of features.

The premium version costs a one-time $49 fee.


  • Specifically designed for WooCommerce
  • Automatically updates WooCommerce listings
  • Imports images, ratings, and coupons from Amazon


  • Limited free version
  • Steep learning curve

8. AmaLinks Pro

AmaLinks Pro

AmaLinks Pro lets you insert entire product showcases, CTA buttons, and image/text links in your posts.

Plus, it keeps the product information updated, keeping you in compliance with Amazon’s policies.

The cool thing is you can actually do all that even without the Amazon API key.

What’s more, the table builder add-on lets you create eye-catching product comparison tables.

Plus, you can track your links in Google Analytics with AmaLinks Pro.


  • Google Analytics event tracking
  • No need for Amazon API
  • Drag-and-drop comparison tables


  • Can get expensive if you want to use it on multiple sites

9. Amazon Auto Links (Free)

Amazon Auto Links

Amazon Auto Links is a free Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress sites and it’s packed with helpful features.

For one, it uses the latest version of the Amazon Product Advertising API, keeping the product prices up to date.

You can either let the plugin showcase the latest products in a particular category.

Or, if you want, you can insert specific products manually.

Amazon Auto Links lets you present your products in four ways:

  • Product Search: Products based on a particular search query on Amazon
  • Item look-up: Specific products
  • URL: Products from an external source
  • Category: Products from a certain category

The plugin also lets you customize the output through shortcode parameters. This includes changing the length of the description or the size of an image.

Moreover, you just have to insert the regular product link and Amazon Auto Links will adjust it as your affiliate link automatically.

The best thing is that the plugin is completely free, making it perfect for bloggers with a limited initial budget.


  • Free
  • Auto updates link
  • Let’s you customize the output


  • Lacks advanced features

10. Lasso


Lasso is a plugin designed to help bloggers earn more from their affiliate links.

It’s easy to use and makes adding Amazon links a breeze.

Here’s what makes Lasso unique from other plugins:

It helps you identify new affiliate link opportunities.

It tracks keyword usage on your website and helps you insert your links in the right places.

Plus, you get a notification from Lasso every time an Amazon link is broken or a product is out of stock.

In addition, you can easily manage product links across your site in Lasso’s link index.

For instance, let’s say you’re an affiliate of Amazon and Walmart for a product.

Lasso lets you change that product’s affiliate link from Walmart to Amazon (or vice versa) across your site with a one-time edit.


  • Designed to help affiliate bloggers earn more
  • Suggests keywords for affiliate link insertions
  • Alerts you when there’s a broken or out-of-stock affiliate link


  • No WooCommerce integration
  • Higher price point

Our Recommendation

By now, you might have picked an Amazon affiliate plugin for your WordPress blog.

But, if you haven’t, let’s make it even easier with a couple of personal recommendations.

All of the plugins we’ve reviewed offer something unique, but if you ask us, AAWP takes the lead in the paid ones.

It lets you create eye-catching comparison tables and boxes, helping your conversions.

And, if you don’t want to invest in a paid plugin just yet, AffiliateX’s free version will be enough.

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