WPX Hosting Review (Latest Test Results)

Wpx Hosting Review

Using managed WordPress hosting is the best thing a webmaster can do.

Who likes risking website security and speed?

WPX Hosting promises to be the fastest-managed WordPress hosting provider.

At the end of this WPX hosting review, you will be able to take the right decisions.

To test WPX, We ran a few tests like uptime, website speed test, support response, and a few more to see how it performs on real-world tests.

So, without further ado,

Let’s find out!

Pros of WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting Uptime & Response Time

For a website, its response time is the most crucial factor. Secondly, If a user tries to visit your website and gets a blank page, it is the worst thing that can happen to a WordPress website.

Your website will move down in the user’s priority list and on the Search Engines; this isn’t something you want.

WPX hosting offers a 99.95 uptime guarantee, which technically means your website will never be down due to glitches. In our three weeks of testing, we never encounter any downtime.

On a daily basis, we write a lot of hosting reviews and test their performance, but to our surprise, WPX hosting out-ranked almost all of its hosting alternatives in terms of response time.

We reported an Average Response Time of 5.2ms.

Have a look at the screenshot attached below:

Wpx Hosting Server Response Time Test

Yeah, that’s how resilient WPX hosting servers are.

Website Speed Test

During the speed test, we used a dummy WordPress website.

We recorded a load time of 654 ms; as per Search Engines, the load time of a website must be less than 2 sec.

Wpx Hosting Website Speed Test

During the Speed test, the server location was Canada, which was reasonably distant from our data center. Despite the distance, WPX hosting was able to provide incredible speed.

Stress Test

In our Stress Test, WPX hosting turned out to be a very resilient host.

We had sent 500 virtual live users to the website and we couldn’t notice any stress signals on the website.

Things were pretty smooth and fast. The overall performance of the website was intact.

24/7/365 Support

WPX hosting offers exceptional customer support (30 Seconds Waiting Time) to all its users, irrespective of their hosting package.

You get 24/7 live customer support throughout the year, and even on Christmas eve, your queries will be answered almost instantly.

Live Chat Support by WPX Hosting

We tried connecting with WPX support, and within a few seconds, our support ticket was assigned to an expert.

The support team even went ahead and did an analysis of our website and suggested us some ways to optimize our WordPress website.

Live Chat Support by WPX Hosting 1

WPX, as a service provider, ensures every customer issue is immediately resolved.

Besides the live customer support, WPX also maintains a FAQ Database, where most basic questions are covered in detail.

If you are planning to switch to WPX from other web host, you must check with the WPX support team to ensure if they can offer any out-of-the-box services.

Daily WordPress Website Backups

Usually, every hosting provider offers automatic daily backup facilities, but they only offer 7-10 days to restore from the backup.

On the other hand, WPX hosting provides daily backup and keeps the data for 28 days.

You can also trigger the backup manually and store it at your desired location in the file manager. Besides that, All the backup plugins and third-party services work fine with the WPX hosting.

Free WordPress Website Migration

In our interactions with multiple bloggers, we found that people don’t switch hosts because migrating a WordPress site from one host to another is a hassle.

However, if you plan to host your website on WPX, WPX hosting customer support will handle the website migration for you. You can avail of unlimited site migrations.

After buying the hosting plan, you can raise a ticket, provide all the necessary details, and the experts will provide you with a super-fast free migration service.

Email Service

WPX is one of the few hosting providers that offer free email services with every managed WordPress hosting plan. You can create a professional email address ending with your domain name.

Basic email options such as “email forwards to another account, and “webmail access” are available in the email account dashboard.

Easy & Clean Dashboard

For every user, the UI of the product could be a deal-breaker. We, bloggers, need a simple, clean, and efficient dashboard.

WPX is one of the few hosting providers with a clean user interface.

On the dashboard, From “Install WordPress” to “Manage Invoice,” most options are available directly.

Other Notable WPX Hosting Features

Below are the other notable WPX hosting features that are worth a mention:

  • Constant DDos Protection
  • Unlimited free SSL Certificates
  • Experienced Support Team
  • In-house CDN (Content Delivery Network).
  • Multiple Data Centre Locations: (Chicago, London, Sydney)
  • Database Access

This list can go on, but since there are some length constraints, we have listed only a few features.

Cons of WPX Hosting

So far, In this WPX hosting review, we have WPX hosting pros. Now, let’s quickly have a look at its cons.

Custom Control Panel (cPanel)

You must be aware of the cPanel dashboard, which is a website’s control center. From monitoring to modification, everything can be done from cPanel.

Unfortunately, in WPX hosting, there is no default cPanel dashboard provided; all you get is a custom control panel.

For some users, this custom control panel could be a significant relief as they might find cPanel is a bit complicated; however, in our blogging circle, most bloggers prefer cPanel over any other control panel.

We believe WPX must give the option to switch to the default cPanel dashboard in case the user is not comfortable with the custom control panel.

Limited Data Centres

WPX hosting only has three data centers; other web hosts in the market offer 8-10 data centers spread across the globe.

If you have a target-specific audience, opting for the nearest data center location is recommended.

It would be great if WPX could add more data center locations in the future.

WPX Hosting Pricing Plans

WPX offers three WordPress hosting plans. Let’s have a look at each of them and understand their differences:

WPX Plans Pricing


In this hosting plan, you will be paying $24.99 monthly or $249.99 annually and in return, you will be getting the following benefits:

  • Hosting for 5 Websites.
  • 10 GB SDD Storage
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • Free Access to in-house CDN (WPX Cloud)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


In the Professional plan, you will be paying $41.58 monthly or $499 annually, and you will be getting the following benefits:

  • Hosting for 15 Websites.
  • 20 GB SDD Storage
  • 200 GB Bandwidth
  • Free Access to in-house CDN (WPX Cloud)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


In the Elite plan, you will be paying $83.25 monthly or $999 annually, and you will be getting the following benefits:

  • Hosting for 35 Websites.
  • 40 GB SDD Storage
  • Unlimited GB Bandwidth
  • Free Access to in-house CDN (WPX Cloud)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

In all these three plans, the following are the standard features:

  • Free Malware Removal
  • 30 seconds support response time
  • Free site speed optimization
  • One-Click Install WordPress
  • Unlimited site migrations
  • Enterprise-level DDoS protection

If you ask us, the pricing of all three plans is quite premium, and there is a considerable price difference compared with other web hosting service providers.

But, WPX eliminates the hassle, and you can manage your WordPress website peacefully; WPX experts are a click away to handle any that affect your website’s performance.

Do We Recommend WPX Hosting?

Yes, Only if you are among the experienced WordPress users.

WPX WordPress hosting is a bit pricy compared to other managed WordPress hosting services providers.

Still, every extra cent spent on WPX is worth it, and you will notice the difference quickly.

To host a WordPress blog or even multiple WordPress websites, WPX hosting is a great option.

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