7+ Best WordPress Plugins for Photographers

Best WordPress Plugins for Photographers

A WordPress plugin is actually a kind of software that you can add to your WordPress site to improve its functionality.

Now, there are quite a few plugins that claim to help photographers grow, but not all of them are that useful.

This is where reading this post can help you.

Some of the best options that you might have as a photographer for WordPress Plugins are as under.

Best WordPress Plugins for Photographers (2023)

1. Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon

If you are looking for the best social media WordPress plugin, smash Balloon just simply has to be your first choice. It is one of the most versatile WordPress Plugins out there for photographers. It can be used for:

  • Displaying photos
  • Displaying videos
  • All content from social media

You can even use it for creating a customized Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook feed. That sounds interesting and exciting, right?

Smash Balloon also helps you to create a sort of social wall that can be used to muster up content from several social media sites and present it all in a single feed.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • You can use lots of customization options.
  • Display Multiple Feed Types.
  • Feed Backup and Smart Caching add to the pros.
  • It displays likes, shares, comments, and reactions of several social media sites in one place.


  • The free version is limited and you have to pay up to reap complete benefits.

2. Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery

Are you looking for a WordPress plugin that’s responsive? Well, if that is the case then don’t look any further than Envira.

It helps you to create image galleries that are fully responsive and mobile-friendly as well.

These images load a lot faster than usual and it will help you to go through your memories using the pictures.

One of the best features that you get on Envira is the ability to put a watermark on your picture to avoid any kind of theft of your creativity.

You can also add Metadata for your images and gallery easily. It works awesomely well for other SEO Plugins as well.


  • The free version is quite versatile with a number of options.
  • The interface is easy to use and it even has a dedicated block. What else do you need?
  • You get lots of advanced features such as eCommerce, client proofing, downloads, and more.


  • The rates may go up all of a sudden and you might be caught napping because of its auto-renewal policy.

3. Soliloquy


No, we aren’t going to talk about the worldfamous soliloquy of Hamlet “ To be or not to be”

However, if you are in such confusion about what WordPress plugin you should go for, Soliloquy might just be the one for you.

It is the best slider plugin for sure. It helps you to create excellently responsive slideshows in no time.

You can add those slideshows to whatever page you may like or to even your homepage. You can even post them.

It is the perfect WordPress plugin to showcase your photos in a short time. It’s also a very quick plugin and the pages load fairly quickly. It also comes with the following features.

  • Visual effects
  • Customizations


  • It is very easy to use because of the simple interface
  • It is highly Flexible to use
  • Offers a Free Version that has a lot of features


  • Prices jump with a new version and this could come as a surprise to you.

4. Uncanny Automator

automator plugin

If you are looking for an automation plugin for WordPress, Uncanny Automator has got to be your number-one choice.

If you are a professional photographer and you do not wish to waste time repeating the same tasks again and again, you can just automatically perform actions like :

  • Processing the data from the contact forms
  • Customer support
  • Sharing your beautiful snaps on social media.

It also helps you to even post new tweets. You can even connect any WordPress form to a Google sheet. This will help you to save some data. You can also send SMS pushup notifications as well.


  • Uncanny Automator allows its user some great privacy options. You can stay anonymous and use this WordPress plugin without a problem.
  • Saves a lot of time.


  • Setting up recipes that are anonymous consumes a lot of time and is a very long process to complete.

5. WPForms


If you are just at the beginning phase of your career as a photographer, WP forms is the best option you can go for in the plethora of WordPress plugins.

You are given a contact form that allows your clients to stay in touch with you. You are even provided with the chance to get some more work via proposals and quotations.

You are even provided with pre-built templates and protection from spam as well. It’s a compatible plug-in and it allows you to receive payments as well.


  • It is very easy to use even for beginners
  • It has a pretty simple interface
  • Ready-made templates mean that you can use them instantly
  • Video tutorials might help you in case of any confusion
  • No limit on creating the forms


  • It might be rendered as expensive by some.
  • The free version is very limited and doesn’t have a lot of features.

6. All-in-One SEO Pack


As the name of this WordPress plugin suggests, this is one complete website optimization solution.

It helps you to achieve the goal of more traffic from several search engines out there.

You can also

  • Do optimization of your site to feature some snippets.
  • Make site maps
  • Do an analysis of competitors

What else would you look for?

Especially if you are a photographer, this plugin helps you with the optimization of the pages that you own. It also helps you to use open graph Metadata.

It can also Optimize your picture to get the most traffic out of searches in the search engines.


It is pretty simple and easy to use

You can easily edit the title and description

The free version offers a number of great features


  • For the best features, you need to pay a decent amount and get the premium version.
  • There isn’t any kind of Seo analysis.

7. BirchPress


This is one of the best WordPress plugins to set up an online booking or appointment system.

You can even use the services of PayPal to pay up. This allows the photographers to get more work and keep on shining.

Birchpress synchronizes with your booking dates and you can even set up reminders for your shoots and other events.


  • It is extremely easy to use.
  • The support provided is unmatched.
  • It is highly economical.


  • The free version was discontinued due to some security threats.

8. Image Widget

Image Widget

Image Widget helps you to display images in the areas such as the sidebars of your website.

There is a problem with WordPress. It has an image widget that can be added to the sidebar. However, the major problem is that the options are quite limited.

This WordPress plugin helps to sort out that problem.

It helps to customize that image widget as you may wish. It is highly responsive as well and hence it looks awesome on any size of screen.


  • It allows Independently deployable services
  • It is highly responsive
  • Highly versatile
  • You can even link the images


  • The complexity of usage is its biggest problem

Our Recommendation

These picks may vary from person to person. But two of our picks for the best plugins for Photographers are.

  1. Smash Balloon
  2. All-In-One SEO Pack

Smash Balloon cuts to be our pick because of the benefits it can provide in the field of social media.

We all know the importance of a good social media presence in the modern day and having such a WordPress plugin can surely go a long way in helping you with your career.

All-in-one SEO Pack makes the cut because of the versatility that it provides and the wide range that it has.

Moreover, the ability to optimize your pictures to increase traffic to your website is a great thing.

All in all, to conclude, we may say that there are a number of options for photographers to use WordPress plugins. However, the choice of the WordPress plugin might depend upon the place where you are in your career at the moment.

Several different WordPress plugins for photographers can help you at different stages of your career.

All you need to do is to be smart enough to use the right WordPress plugin and you will be good to go to rule the roast.

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