UltaHost Review

UltaHost Review

Lately, you have come across UltaHost and want to know how efficient and worthy it is. Correct?

Today, in the next few minutes, all your queries regarding the UltaHost hosting provider will be answered.

In case you are eager to know whether UltaHost is worth a try then, you can directly jump on to the conclusion segment. However, we would recommend you, go through this UltaHost Review, to understand the various aspects of this hosting provider.

We have tried their shared hosting, but in our research, we identified that all the hosting services are identical in terms of performance and reliability.

Quick Introduction to Company

UltaHost was launched in 2018, it offers domain registration, multiple hosting services, email hosting, and SSL certificates.

Their hero product is shared hosting, as it is comparatively affordable. UltaHost has 4 data centers situated in Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, and the US.

Pros of UltaHost

Free Domain Migration

In case you are using some other hosting service and want to switch to UltaHost servers, you don’t have to hit google and find different ways to back up your existing servers and migrate it to new servers.

UltaHost will handle all the hassle for you. You just have to reach out to their support and provide them with basic details, rest of everything is on them, and that too for free. Lately, if you are stuck with your existing hosting provider just because you are not technically equipped to migrate your website to a new server, we would highly recommend UltaHost.

Their support is very efficient and fast in their operations. We tried reaching out to them for basic queries, and they were helpful enough to provide a reference guide to us.

Amazingly Fast Storage Drives

Even in 2022, only a handle full of service providers offers basic SSD storage drives in their base plans.

In complete contrast, UltaHost offers all its customers, NVMe Storage drives. Tests suggest that these NVMe storage drives are at least 10-20 times faster than basic SSDs.

These super-fast drives ensure that your website is always one step ahead of its competitors in terms of performance. We felt that our website’s loading time was reduced significantly even without any optimization.

Uptime Guarantee

Most, actually, 99% of hosting providers claim 99.9% Uptime. At the same time, UltaHost claims 100% Uptime. They claim that their servers are smart enough to identify any downtime priorly and automatically shuffle between the data centers.

We have rarely seen such confident service providers in the market and it seems they have a strong base for this claim.

For a website owner, nothing can be better than 100% Uptime. In our testing, the results were quite surprising. We monitored our website for at least  5-8 weeks and we never faced downtime. Therefore we got the claimed 100% uptime.

Free Backups

There are other hosting providers who offer free daily backups, but what UltaHost does makes more sense. In UltaHost, your daily backups are kept off-site and their technical teams will revive your website in the worst case.

You can manage your website’s backup in just a few clicks, through the cPanel dashboard.

If you ask us, UltaHost has comparatively a more reliable way to handle the backups.

Free Malware Scans

Malware attacks are quite often these days. Every other day, we hear that a website is attacked and goes down. As a website owner, you have to prevent such situations.

Front your end, you can add plugins and set up secure passwords, this will only secure your website to some extent, but if your hosting provider doesn’t offer regular sanitation services then your website will be vulnerable to various other malware attacks.

UltaHost offers free malware scans and they provide regular reports of your hosting. Even with email hosting, your service is protected with SpamExperts.

Affordable Pricing

UltaHost’s introductory prices are quite affordable. On top of this, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, no risk is involved in trying the host.

Check out their Shared Hosting Plans:

Shared Starter

If you are about to start your first website, we would strongly recommend you to go with this plan as it includes every necessary feature.

In this plan. You get a 15 GB NVMe Storage drive with unlimited bandwidth and a Free SSL certificate. You can host a maximum of 1 website on this plan. This Shared Starter plan will cost you $3.09 a month.

Shared Basic

If you already have a website and planning to switch your hosting, this plan will be the most suitable for you.

In this plan. You get a 60 GB NVMe Storage drive with unlimited bandwidth and free SSL certificates. In total, you can add up to 4 domains in this plan.

For this plan, you will be paying $4.67 a month.

Shared Business

The Shared Business hosting plan is suitable for users who run multiple small business/e-commerce websites.

In this plan. You get an 80 GB NVMe Storage drive with unlimited bandwidth and free SSL certificates. There is no cap on the domains in this plan, therefore you can expand your business without adding any extra hosting cost.

For this plan, you will be paying $9.4 a month.

Shared Pro

If you run multiple websites, and often require more storage space, then this plan is the appropriate option for you.

In this plan. You get a 110 GB NVMe Storage drive with unlimited bandwidth and Free SSL certificates. You can host unlimited domains on this plan. Overall it will cost you $11.6 a month.

As mentioned above, all these plans have amazingly fast NVMe storage drives and other features like free daily backups, free malware scans, and free website migration.

To know more about the pricing details of VPS, VDS, or Windows hosting, refer to the official website.

Cons of UltaHost

Chat Popups

It might not be a deal breaker, but we felt it was annoying. Basically, on the UltaHost website, you can’t close the Chatbox. Every time, you open a new page, that chat popup will appear again.

Although it doesn’t have to do anything with the website’s performance, it affects the overall customer experience.

Flimsy Comparison

On some web pages of UltaHost, we found some statements that claim their storage drives to be 200 times better than HDD drives, which seems flimsy to us. No doubt NVMe drives are way faster than SSDs and conventional HDDs, but not 200 times for sure.

High Renewal Rates

For the first year, UltaHost prices are quite competitive but their renewal rates are quite high. On the official website, you won’t get an exact idea about the renewal rates, as they might vary.

You can grab a good deal by connecting with the support team.


No doubt, UltaHost is good and it is worth a try.

If you are just starting out and want to host only a handful of websites, then you can go with UltaHost straight away.

However, if you are just going to make a decision once and stick to it for years, then we would suggest you explore other hosting providers as well.

Hosting providers like A2 Hosting, and FastComet offer similar services and are comparatively well established, have more data centers across multiple locations and their annual renewal rates are also quite pocket friendly.

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